All About Us

RBL Global is an Anglo-Bangla joint-venture. Combining years of production management and quality control expertise with in-house manufacturing capabilities, RBL now offers end-to-end supply chain solutions from product design and development, raw material sourcing, factory selection, production management and quality control, to in-country logistics and global freight management.

RBL operates two factories in Bangladesh which directly employ over 3,500 people as well as working with a talented network of global suppliers to provide manufacturing flexibility to our customers. We take our social responsibilities very seriously and all of our factories are certified by globally recognised standards and place employee well-being above all else, providing support for families and promote equal pay. We also take an active role in the local community, establishing an NGO in 1998 that is dedicated to improving the socio-economic conditions in Bangladesh. Our founders are also pioneering  sustainable garment manufacturing 

and traceable fashion through our sister company Lyfcycle

As leading global manufacturers, we believe in creating the best products for the best companies. We’re committed to designing, crafting and assembling the best merchandise on the market. RBL manufactures garments across a diverse range of markets and has the versatility to satisfy most enquiries but specialise in producing high-quality men's formal wear, outdoor and performance clothing. 

Our Achievements

RBL continues to work towards improved socio-economic and working conditions in Bangladesh. These are just a few achievements that we're proud of.


Our own factories are signatories of the Bangladesh Accord, promoting building and fire safety in the Bangladesh textiles industry. Additionally, we certify all of our suppliers adhere to the most stringent regulations that put workers safety first.


As part of our responsible manufacturing initiative, we only work with BSCI and Sedex approved factories. These organisations implement international labour standards that protect workers rights around the globe.


Ornob is an NGO founded 1998 by the founders of RBL Global. It is committed to improving the quality of lives of marginalised populations in Bangladesh. Reconnecting disadvantaged families with socio-economic resources to tackle the intergenerational transfer of disadvantage and overcome social exclusion.

Depart Magazine

Founded by the owners of RBL, Depart Magazine provides a platform to promote local art and artists in Bangladesh.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build lasting relationships throughout our value chain with customers and suppliers to create more sustainable business. We strive to continue to grow our business together with all of our stakeholders whilst reducing our environmental impact and increasing our social impact.